record Skype calls on Windows phone

Recording Skype calls on your Windows PC is the must-have mission if you are serious about the call that you made with your business partners, with the Skype call recorder for Windows. It is easy to record a call on Skype as soon as the call is established, and the recording behaviour stops once you hang up. TalkHelper offers the free trial with the feature of the unlimited audio recording, however, even it runs in the background, it still pop up message while the file size exceeds the limitation, that sick… I know.


Note: TalkHelper Call Recorder also support whiteboard-style painting while you are in the conversation with your callers, and it automatically save both audio and video chatting in separate files, that’s the feature I love.

On Windows 10 or the new MAC computer. There are limitations to start Skype video interviews with both audio and video recording enabled, it means you can’t get both saved in one file, in the other word, if you use your headphone on PC for Skype calling.  You can get your voice recorded but you won’t hear the other party’s voice from your microphone during a Skype call, and manually starting, pausing and stopping every call recording becomes the only way to make the things happen.

The feature of Skype Call Recording has been proving to be extremely meaningful for users who use Skype in their business related calls, using Skype call recording software like TalkHelper; you can track and backup every call you made and saved them for further review. I will lead you to understand how to record Skype calls on Windows 7, 8, and 10 in the following article.

Get your Skype calls recorder on your Windows PC

Windows recorder for Skype

Problem: You can’t record an Skype call using your PC’s built-in recorder because Microsoft restricts apps in this way. To record calls, even with a “free app“, you must pay a 3rd-party service provider. But there is a solution.

Solution: Ours is the only wireless, compact Skype call recorder that is available as a one-time purchase with no other charges. Your recordings aren’t stored online where they could be potentially hacked or lost. And because our recorder is so small you can take it with you anywhere you go.

Conclusion: This unique combination of
advantages makes our Skype call recorder
very different from anything else on the


Check out these features:

  • Unlimited call recording
  • Works with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone
  • One-time purchase
  • No subscription or per-minute fees
  • No internet connection required
  • Records wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • No special telephone numbers to make or receive calls
  • No need to interrupt your call to begin recording
  • Also functions as a voice recorder, so voice memos are a snap
  • Stores music too
  • 4GB Memory Storage
  • Transfer recorded calls to a computer or other USB device via a USB Cable (included)
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Microphone boom included (not required to record calls)
  • Ear buds included (not required to record calls)
  • Standard phone jack adapters (for recording w/ standard phones)
  • Recharging cable
  • Record a Call the easy way…

The beauty of our Skype call recorder

The beauty of our Skype call recorder is that it can work with any phone, including standard land line phones. Because our device is so small, it will easily fit into any pocket or purse, meaning you never have to be without call-recording capability. Easily listen to your recorded calls one-by-one. The simple navigation screen is easy to understand. Your calls are stored in a file folder system, which makes staying organized a snap. It’s easy to transfer your call recordings to a computer via an included USB cable. With this simple and elegant device you will never have to be without call recording capability. Record an iPhone call, Android call or Windows smartphone wirelessly, by simply activating the recorder’s Bluetooth mode, and then pairing your phone with the device. Then, you’re ready to record any call, anywhere, anytime.never lost a Skype call

Reason to record a Skype call

There can be many good reasons to record a Skype call. Obviously, everyone’s situation is unique, and therefore it would be impossible to discuss all of them. In general, reasons for wanting to record a phone call are myriad.

Legal Reasons

Recording a conversation is an excellent way to document the facts. Verbal agreements are recognized under most legal systems and have a legally binding force. Also, being able to prove what was said and how it was said can be can be necessary for any number of legal scenarios. A recording is about as good as it gets when it comes to deciding what was actually said.

Training and Performance Evaluation

Maybe your business depends on effective phone-based conversation. Making recordings of calls handled by your employees is an excellent way to demonstrate to trainees how, and how not, to handle calls. For call center environments, dealing with difficult customers is an unfortunate fact of life. There is no “perfect” rule for how to deal with every possible scenario that could arise. Exceptional phone conversations, both good and bad, can serve as an examples of what to strive for or what to avoid. Being able to playback these types of conversations is an invaluable part of a training and evaluation program for any business.

save your Skype conversations on Windows


Learning and Education

When distance is prohibitive teachers must rely on other methods of communication. Dial-in conference calls offer a great way to educate several students at once. Recording these types of calls on Windows PC is not only useful but efficient, since there is no duplication of effort on the part of the teacher. A lesson can be taught just once and used over and over again in the future.

Sentimental Reasons

Special moments don’t come around everyday. Whether you’re a grandparent talking long-distance to a grandchild, or just want to hear the voice of a loved one for whatever reason, recording these types of calls is the best way to capture every nuance of the conversation for later enjoyment.


Maybe you have information that has commercial value and want to sell it, either as a podcast or stand-alone recording. Recording a business call is an effective way of creating value for any market niche. As pod casting becomes more and more widespread, having the ability to record a call is essential.

Quality Control

Knowing first-hand how an employee is performing is the best way to maintain a high level of quality. Everyone has had bad experiences with call center employees who were either rude, incompetent or all of the above. Document these types of calls to weed out the weak links in your organization.

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