• Question: Does this work with Windows 7, XP and even standard landline phones?
  • Answer: Yes. So long as a smartphone has Bluetooth capability it will work with the Skype call recorder. The recorder comes with a standard phone jack adapter so that it can also be used with a standard, landline phone.
  • Question: Is this really wireless? How does it connect to my computer?
  • Answer: Simply push a button and the recorder enters Bluetooth mode. Next, access your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings. You’ll see the Skype recorder listed among the devices your phone can pair with. Select the recorder and you are now ready to record any Skype incoming or outgoing call with the push of a button.
  • Question: How to I start recording on Skype?
  • Answer: Simply hit the “Record” button at any time during a call to start and pause recording on our Skype call recorder. The party with whom you are speaking won’t know the call is being recorded…unless you tell
  • Question: How do I listen to my call recordings?
  • Answer: you can play them back on the recorder or transfer them to your computer or other device.
  • Question: How to I transfer the recordings to another device or computer?
    Answer: The Skype call recorder connects via a standard USB cable. Once connected, it’s a snap to transfer the recordings.
  • Question: Isn’t there an app for this?
  • Answer: Microsoft won’t allow any app in the Skype Store that uses the Windows’s built-in recorder to record calls. So-called “free” apps are nothing more than external, 3rd-party services that charge per-minute fees or require a  subscription. The calls that you make and receive via these types of apps/services must be re-routed through a special switch. You almost always have to call a special number or enter a special code to start recording. In other words, you cannot make and receive calls naturally. Of course, this is not a problem if you don’t mind explaining to the person you’re calling why it is you have to interrupt the call, or why it is you have a different phone number. Apps that do record calls using your phone’s built-in recorder may exist only for “jail broken” iPhones. However, you should should be aware that jail breaking your iPhone voids the warranty and may lead to operating system instability, so it’s not a good idea.